Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holy Crap!!! A New Skyrim Trailer *JIZZ*

Sorry I haven't posted in almost a week guys, I've been too busy playing Ghost Recon online and doing other shtuffs also. But I did happen to see the whole new Skyrim trailer with, yep you guessed it, GAMEPLAY MOFUCKAS! In the vid you see the dovahkiin running from a gigantic dragon only to find himself at a dead end in a cliff. Then like a badass he says some crap and it totally fucks the dragon's ego up. Look for yourself....

Also at the beginning it show's the dragon's point of view which leads me to believe that you could ride them! Imagine riding a freakin' dragon and raining down terror on towns, forests, and all FIVE HUGE MAIN CITIES!!! This is gonna be the game of the century no doubt about it! Forget about COD and all those games coming out this holiday season, this is clearly the epitome of what a video game should be! I know, I know "How are you making that statement if you haven't even played it?". Well my fellow bloggers, I have a secret. I'm a gaming psychic and I have already played this game and it was better than any game I have ever played! That's how I know Skyrim is what's going to cause a pandemic of male orgasms across the globe November 11, 2011!!!!

BELIEVE IT 11 11 11