Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hi you guys, I've returned only to find this place a ghost town. Yea I feel like crying but I'm planning on putting up new stuff ever now and then instead of leaving for a year and some change and then coming back to this beaten up place. I've got nothing now because, well, I've obviously haven't thought about what to write about but I have made a new playlist and hopefully you guys like these three little joints that you could use to mellow out and check out some of my old stuff out. Any recommendations would be appreciated since I really can't think of anything now. If I get nothing from my old viewers then I will eventually come up with something and hopefully I could still write like how I did back then. Again, it sucks that I haven't written about anything but hopefully I could get this place up and running again...


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holy Crap!!! A New Skyrim Trailer *JIZZ*

Sorry I haven't posted in almost a week guys, I've been too busy playing Ghost Recon online and doing other shtuffs also. But I did happen to see the whole new Skyrim trailer with, yep you guessed it, GAMEPLAY MOFUCKAS! In the vid you see the dovahkiin running from a gigantic dragon only to find himself at a dead end in a cliff. Then like a badass he says some crap and it totally fucks the dragon's ego up. Look for yourself....

Also at the beginning it show's the dragon's point of view which leads me to believe that you could ride them! Imagine riding a freakin' dragon and raining down terror on towns, forests, and all FIVE HUGE MAIN CITIES!!! This is gonna be the game of the century no doubt about it! Forget about COD and all those games coming out this holiday season, this is clearly the epitome of what a video game should be! I know, I know "How are you making that statement if you haven't even played it?". Well my fellow bloggers, I have a secret. I'm a gaming psychic and I have already played this game and it was better than any game I have ever played! That's how I know Skyrim is what's going to cause a pandemic of male orgasms across the globe November 11, 2011!!!!

BELIEVE IT 11 11 11

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heavy Metal Thunder!!!

Sup guys, here again after ten years... well feels like ten years to me but whatever. I've been home relaxing, playing video games (bought GRAW 2 yesterday again, SWEET!), and eating junk. Yep the good life until September when I'm off to college to become a gym teacher to just chill and get paid to tell kids to do push ups and run laps.

Felt like putting that in here... don't know why but yeaaaaa.......
But that's not what I'm here to talk about! I'll talk about that some other time, don't you worry fellow peoples! I'm here to talk about the THUNDER that is HEAVY METAL! Heavy metal: viewed by sheeples as loud, screaming music that is "WACK" -______-   These assholes don't even know what the hell they're talking about and I won't even get into it. You arrogant little pricks could go back to listening to your talentless, corporate shit. That just means more music for the real music lovers!

I love heavy metal and my favorite sub genre is Thrash. I like Sabbath, Priest, Saxon, Maiden, Zeppelin and all the originators of the genre but, in my opinion, Thrash is the epitome of Metal. Bands like Metallica (before Black album), Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, and Exodus were out making people bang their heads into walls, making blood spill, and them laughing and having a good time! Great times, only I wish I lived in those times. Sadly, I'm stuck in the new millennium. Oh well, what can I do? Build a time machine?

Google is my time machine


Unlike today's bullshit, Thrash had some of the best musicianship in the world at the time. It was like these guys pull out their music out of their ass, seriously! How Metallica came out with four OUT OF THIS WORLD albums in just 5 years is amazing. How every Slayer song you listen to magically makes you headbang is amazing. How Nuclear Assualt's lyrics make you want to go kick ass is amazing. How Exodus makes you want to kill everyone in their concert is amazing. How Slipknot makes you want to go to Hot Topic and buy Tripp Pants is amazing. Uh huh....

I'm tired of these damn kids always saying how the old music sucks or how heavy metal sucks. What sucks is your fucking music taste you damn imbeciles! These kids think they're badass listening to Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, and other bullshit bands that suck fuckin' ass! They can't even handle the awesomeness of HEAVY METAL!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Its a Sunday and that means boredom (for me anyways). So here's some vids that I have on my favorites on Youtube for those who are bored also...

The Big Pun Of Iraq
You think Iraqis don't get down? Look how this little dude kicks some kids ass for messing around with his girl.

The Matrix: Ping Pong Sessions
You will never look at Ping Pong again... pure awesomeness

Real Warfare
Can't wait for graphics to actually be this good >:]

Poor kid :-/
Haha we all remember this one but here it is with Street Fighter 2 sound effects xD

And last but not least...
Sorry but I had to put this. One of my favorite all time wrestlers and I haven't wrote about him yet? Oh hell no! Well here you go Chris. May you rest in peace.

If any of you are offended by me putting his song up I just want to say that I'm sorry and I don't respect what he did to his family but I do respect what he did for wrestling and keeping it alive with Eddie for all those years they were in the business. May you both rest in peace!

Friday, February 18, 2011

My day yesterday... If you want to hear it

Well I didn't make a post yesterday guys, I'm sorry, but the day was awesome yesterday. It was about 60 degrees outside here in NYC and it's about the same today but I just had to make a post cuz I love you guys. So yesterday I decide to just take a break and go play handball at Flushing with my wife (I'm from Queens) So we went and guess what... all the handball courts were still filled with ice from the blizzard that occurred a few weeks ago. FUUUCCCKKKK!!! I was pissed since we paid 9 bucks for the trip. But thankfully there were some dudes there who got a shovel and cleaned it up a bit. That was awesome except one thing, I got the most painful chest pain/cramp (I have no idea what it was) and it was not going away.

Here's a bit of Flushing for those who never been there. Yep, it's a Chinatown but a pretty cool place
At the park, we met up with my friend Javier and then with my bro David after he got out of school since his school is in Flushing. Then the dudes who cleaned up left after they played. Man these guys love handball! It took them probably 2 hours to clean the court and they only played for 15 minutes! I wouldn't do that unless it was to play football (soccer for ze Americans). So then we got in the court I still had my chest pains so I couldn't play. So my wife played against Javier while me and David were just in the side relaxing.

While we were just chillin there, a Chinese couple started laughing at my bro for some reason. I don't know if it was his ironic Hispanic afro or because his pants were on the ground (yep, he wears em' like that SMH). But you know what, we're relaxing and it's a beautiful day so we just let it go. When we decide to go (thank God because the pain I had became unbearable) coincidentally that same couple is leaving also. My bro is a fast walker so he gets to the park exit first. Me, my wife, and my friend are behind the couple that started shit. I didn't know this but when David walked past them the girl said "Pull up your pants, I'd help you but you're sweaty" but he just kept walking. He then stopped at the exit to wait for us and when she passed (we got to the exit at the same time as the couple) he told the girl "You sed sumptin" (yep, exactly like that haha). She then hid behind her fat chink boyfriend and said "No I was talking to him". David then said "I thought so". That's when the dude decided to go chigga on my bro saying "Yo son, watch who you messin' wit, you a lil' kid". Yea, a fat Chino in his mid 30's messing with my bro who's 15, that dude was badass. My adrenaline pumped but I kept cool and told him "Relax" and my wife told him "You're an adult messing with a kid" so I guess that got pass the duck sauce in his brain and he realized he looked like a total loser in front of his girl and his other friend that was with him. If he would've decided to lay a finger on my bro he would've been dead, seriously. It was four us and one fat chino (his other friend didn't look like he was gonna do something since he was looking at him like he was a retard but even if he did we would've kicked his ass also).So we just went home and I was really tired so I fell asleep once I got there. I was so tired I just woke up at 6 in the morning today which means I slept about 16 hours.

So I know this is the first time I've talked about my life outside this blog but I don't think you guys mind. If you guys do, however, just tell me and I'll stick to what this blog has to deliver which is rants and other funny shit that I find hilarious. So in the comments below tell me...

Should I post up things that happen in my life in his blog? Or should I "keep it real"?

Thanks and stay tuned!